Automation Technology

Robotic Integration

Lancaster Machine and Tool is a certified robotic integrator. As an integrator of Fanuc, Kuka and ABB Robotics, we can move your product to and through multiple processes quickly, precisely and automatically all within the footprint of an available production workcell. Fanuc, Kuka and ABB robots come in different sizes with varying load, speed and reach capabilities and can be very effective with both 2D and 3D parts applications where primary and secondary operations are involved and more complex movement and/or placement of the part is required. Lancaster Machine and Tool will also handle any other type of robotic integration solution. Please call us about your project. Fanuc Robot Integrator

Robotic Assembly and Handling Systems

Robotic assembly opens a new world of opportunities. We are well-known for developing customized machines for specific assembly requirements. We can equip your robotic systems with the latest sensors and computer vision technology. Skip manual layout, skip manual stacking, reduce errors throughout your process and start boosting production to an unforeseen level. Vison Robot

System Integration

At Lancaster Machine and Tool we take time to understand your business and your project requirements. We work with you to help understand your process and project goals. We constantly strive to be a trusted member of your team making sure all your automation integration projects are a success. Custom Sound proof enclosure Sonic welder x y table

Automated Parts Handling

We are a full service integrator, incorporating each aspect of your production line into one cohesive assembly processes. Lancaster Machine and Tool, Inc. offers turnkey solutions that may include incorporating a robotic gantry system into your assembly process, incorporating a process into an existing production line, and even flexible tooling that allows for future changes in product design or needs. Robot Cell

Vision Inspections and Programming

We utilize our controls team for vision inspections and programming. We typically use and have experience with Cognex, DataLogic, Keyence, iRVision from Fanuc. Testing TestingiRVision from FanucDataLogic VisionDataLogic LogoKeyence Logo

Custom Automated Machines

We also specialize in making custom automated machines and tooling for a wide variety of production improvement challenges.Custom Grease Applicator Machine

Light or Heavy Duty Assembly Cells

Our assembly systems will handle everything from precision parts to large components. We have experience with stand-alone cells to semi-automated stations. High Speed PalletizingHigh Speed Palletizing

Large Assembly Cell

Large Assembly Cell

Dial Index Machines

Dial fixture motion can be powered directly by a servo motor or a fixed speed motor through a speed reducer and cam controlled indexer. For some applications, a servo motor can be used to provide specialized number of rotation increments or greater flexibility. Proven performance based on previous successful installations. Dial Index Machine

Power and Free Conveyor Systems

We offer a variety of conveyor system solutions for product transportation. Power Conveyors